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Tier 1 Company

Ikuyo Indonesia is a tier 1 company. Tier 1 company is most important member of a supply chain, supplying components directly to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that set up the chain. Creating a tiered supply chain is part of supply chain management. Its aim is to link important business functions and processes in the supply chain into an integrated business model, according to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

IKUYO is a Company that known as a manufacturer of synthetic resin products for interior and exterior automotive components, the Company also makes weather-stripping, trim covers, radiator grilles, etc. And the Company also manufactures and sells dies. Ikuyo was Founded in 1947, as a manufacturer and seller of rubber products for automobile windows. And now Ikuyo has Establised PT. Ikuyo Indonesia in Indonesia since 2013.

Trusted Material

We use trusted automotive materials that have been tested for safety and quality.

Full Warranty

With a guaranteed guarantee, we make sure the client will satisfied.

Automotive News

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